HP GK Quiz 2

1. Naggar town was founded by ?


2. Which Of The following is known as ’ Land Of Grapes’   ?


3. Gondhla Castle is located in  : 


4. First  VC. Of HPU Shimla    


5. Find the incorrect one :


6. Find the incorrect one


7. Which of the following was appointed as chief minister of the independent govt . set up on august 17,1947 in theog dominon  ?


8. Sh Virbhadra Singh is  _______descendant of princely state Bushahr ?


9. Bhai Do Na Pai was a famous slogan of which movement ?


10. who was ruler of Hindur when Timur was passing through it ?


11. Which pass joins Kinnaur to Garhwal?


12. Who was ally of Shambar in his war with the Aryan king, Divodas?


13. 71 Which Raja of Kangra organised all the hill chiefs between Jammu and Kangra in 1588-89 against Akbar?


14. When was chief commissioner replaced by Lieutenant Governor in Himachal Pradesh?


15. Who was the first and the only chairman of H.P. territorial council?


16. How long does the Shivratri fair at Mandi (in H.P.) last?


17. Which country is assisting in swan river watershed management project Una?


18. On the bank of which river is Suketi Fossil Park?


19. Which Raja of Bilaspur princely state was exiled from the state around 1903 A.D. and ordered to stay at Benaras?


20. Which Raja of Sirmour was contemporary to Mughal King Akbar ?


21. Malhar, daabri,bageshwari & rahaar in Hp are type of?


22. HP is the only state where ______% population of the state lives in rural area (census 2011).


23. According to recent economic survey, find the correct option of rainfall pattern of 4 highest rainfall receiving districts of HP?


24. The golf course of naldhera was laid out by which viceroy? Who was so enhanced by its beauty & gave his daughter Alexandra the 2nd name– ‘Naldhera’


25. find the incorrect match of pass with its location.


26. chose the incorrect pair(peaks).


27. chose the incorrect pair(water springs)


28. In 1877 AD, Victoria-bridge over Beas river in Mandi was built by:


29. Historic Shimla agreement between India & Pakistan, 1972 was signed at


30. when did mahatma Gandhi visited Shimla for the 1st time___(stayed in shanti kuteer, summer hill shmla).


31. In battle of Dhalog(near Dalhousie) , Raja Jagat Singh of Nurpur  (aided by Mughals ) defeated which King of Chamba ?


32. which temple in Knagra was destroyed by the forces of Mahmud Ghazni ?


33. Who was ruling chief of Kangra fort whenforces of Mahmud Ghazni invaded Nagarkot ?


34. Rajrup Singh ( son of Jagat Singh ) was given the te title of RAJA by ?


35. Which King of Kullu  transferred the capital from Nagar to Sultanpur  ?


36. Which king of Kullu is regarded as the hero of first war of Independence (1857), and along with his brother in law Bir Singh was hanged at Dharamshala On 3 August , 1857 ?


37. Which Kullu King built the temple of Sandhya devi at jagatsukh ?


38. Sundernagar , earlier known as Baned was founded by Garur sen , under which Raja it became the capital of Suket ?


39. Bad Administration of Mandi under “Wazir Upadhyaya Jiwa Nand” led to the the agrarian disturbance , who led this rebellion ?


40. Height of Kamru Nag lake ( Chachyot tehsil, Mandi ) ?


41. The Chaunto Valley islocated in which district ?


42. choose the correct option regarding the results  HP assembly elections ( seats ):


43. Rajinder Rana ( INC) defeated the CM candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal in _______constituency ?


44. find the incorrect option regarding women candidates ( elected) in 2017 assembly elections ,HP .


45. which ruler of Suket was poisoned after 4 year of his oppressive rule ?


46. Which Sikh Guru estb Makhowal (later, Anandpur sahib ) after his purchase of land from Kahlur ?


47. on which Date, the princely state of Bilaspur was merged with the rest of HP.


48. When did Mr Parmar aworn as CM of HP for the first time ?


49. find the incorrect statement :


50. founder of Theog ?


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