HP GK Quiz 1

1. Which lake in HP is the only place after Bharatpur (Rajasthan), which is known for Red Necked Crane ?


2. Which lake in HP was called Lohitya sarovar by Hieun Tsang ?


3. what is the name of Dam , which was ascribed Pt J L Nehru as “new temple of resurgent India “ ?


4. which of the following lake is located in Highest Altitude :


5. find the incorrect one :


6. .find the incorrect one :


7. which lake is located near Jalori pass ?


8. which river was called Hydrastr/Rhouadis


9. Hathi Dhar is in which district ?


10. Total population of HP to total population of India as per 2011 census is ?


11. State of HP has achieved growth rate of 6.9% in 2016-17 and 8.1 % in 2015-16. According to economic survey 2017-18, growth estimate of HP ?


12. which of the following means “ Ashwamukha “ ?


13. Girth community of kangra is mainly engaged in which sector ?


14. where is Ram centre in HP , which provides improved Rams to breeders for cross breeding ?


15. At which place in HP, Horse and Yak breeding farm has been set up ?


16. Angora Rabbit farms are working in HP at ?


17. Beetl Sirohi, Jamnapari are names of ?


18. find the incorrect one :


19. Currently, how many Govt medical colleges are working in HP ?


20. Kishori Shakti Yojna , a central sponsored scheme (90:10), which is functioning in 8 districts of HP, covers the Girls of Ge group between ?


21. Maternity Benefit programme ( pradhan mantra matri vandana yojna ) was being implemented in ­­­­­____________ district on pilot basis ?


22. Choose the incorrect statement :


23. The present is the 5th term of the panchayats . At present, there are 12 Zila Parishads, 78 Gram Samities and ________ Gram Panchayats in State ?


24. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme has been launched on 22-1-2015 in 100 districts of Country, including  UNA district of HP. In year 2016-17 , the scheme has been started in :


25. Matri Shakti Bima Yojna covers the BPL women of age group ?


26. Under Mata Shabri Mahila Sashaktikaran Yojna BPL/sc/st women whose annual income is less than 35000 are given ___________subsidy for Gas connections :


27. In Tibetean language, Rohtang means ?


28. Jijed festival of Lahaul – spiti which is famous for masked dance , has main objective is to ?


29. ­­­­­_________ is known as Bhaiji. He organized a branch of Ghadr party in 1914-15 in Mandi .


30. Ellerslie and Armsdale building in Himachal are known for ?


31. SC  population % in HP as per 2011 census.


32. ST  population % in HP as per 2011 census.


33. Which of the following is not tributary of Ravi.


34. Which river has mythical relation to Sun.


35. Out of total farmers,% of farmers whom Kisan Credit Card have been issued by banks in HP ?


36. Under  Mata Shabri Mahila Sashaktikaran Yojna amount provided to eligible women for purchase of gas connection is  


37. Which three banks given lead bank responsibility in HP


38. PMSBY is launched on  :


39. Govt. of India is implementing Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme through__________________for dairy sector activities.


40. HP became_______state in India to implement GST ?


41. According to recent HP economic survey state received avg. rainfall  ________mm


42. In HP soil testing laboratories have been established in all districts except  :


43. According to Dr.Y.S.ParmarKisan Swarojgar Yojna —% project assistance shall be provided to farmers  for poly houses.


44. HP State Govt. has enhanced subsidy under poly houses from 50 % to  ____________%


45. Which of the following is incorrect pair


46. DEDS(Doodh Ganga Yojna) has been launched in collaboration with NABARD in State since


47. Under Backyard Poultry Project,4 week old chicks are supplied to farmers of the state and one unit consist of 40-100 chicks.These chicks are produced at 2 hatcheries which are :


48. Simbalbara Wild life century is located in ?


49. Tea plants brought to kangra by ?


50. The Holme-once the residence of the celebrated artist—


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