Current Affairs Quiz March 2019


1. The Reserve Bank of India has signed a bilateral swap arrangement with the bank of which nation?


2. The Union Cabinet has approved which policy to ensure more effective regulation in mining sector?


3. The Cabinet has approved which policy to develop India as a Software Product Nation?


4. How many countries have ratified the Geneva Convention?


5. Which country began exporting goods to India for the first time through Chabahar port on February 24, 2019?


6. Which movie won the ‘Best Picture’ award at the 91st Academy Awards (Oscars)?


7. When the National Science Day is observed every year?


8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 25, 2019 dedicated the National War Memorial to the nation. The Memorial is located in which city?


9. Which actress recently was named as the brand ambassador of the Swasth Immunised India campaign?


10. The Indian Air Force in a recent retaliatory move destroyed the biggest JeM training camp in Balakot. The town is located in which among the following Pakistani provinces?


11. Prime Minister Narendra Modi conferred the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 in which field?


12. Which former cricketer has been banned from cricket for a period of two years?


13. The second summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was held in which country?


14. Which state has launched PRANAM commission to protect parents of state government employees?


15. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 5, 2019 launched the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan Yojana from which state?


16. Joint bilateral exercise ‘Exercise Al Nagah 2019’ will be held from March 12 to 25, 2019 between India and which country?


17. Which city was ranked as the World’s most polluted city of 2018 as per the report released by IQAir AirVisual and Greenpeace on March 5, 2019?


18. Who was nominated by Indian Government for the post of the new DirectorGeneral of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)?


19. Which nation has suspended its participation in Intermediate-Range Nuclear treaty with the United States?


20. ISRO has launched Young Scientist Programme for children studying in which class?


21. US has decided to end the designation of India and which nation as beneficiary developing countries under the GSP programme?


22. India and World Bank on March 5, 2019 signed USD 96 million loan agreement for financing Disaster Recovery Project of which state?


23. When will be the ‘Janaushadhi Diwas’ celebrated across India?


24. Minister of State for Culture and Environment, Mahesh Sharma recently inaugurated ‘Azaadi-ke-Diwane’ museum in which city?


25. Around what percent of the households in Rural India who have access to the toilet use it, as per the National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (NARSS) 2018-19?


26. Which is the most polluted capital city as per the World Air Quality Report 2018?


27. Which is the only Hindu party to support the idea of court-monitored mediation in the Ayodhya land dispute case?


28. The Union Home Ministry has launched smart fencing on which Indian border to deter illegal infiltration?


29. Which tennis player has become the second-ever in the world to claim 100 ATP titles?


30. National space agency ISRO signed agreement with which country to set up a joint maritime surveillance system?


31. Which city was adjudged as India’s Cleanest City for the third consecutive year as per Swachh Survekshan 2019?


32. Which city was awarded as the Cleanest Capital in the Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey?


33. The Union Cabinet on March 7, 2019 approved the continuation of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) till which financial year?


34. The US has reduced visa validity from 5 years to 1 year for citizens belonging to which nation?


35. Which technology company has launched an application called ‘bolo’ to tutor children to read in Hindi, English?


36. Which nation has extended its anti-smog measures for the 3rd successive winter?


37. Which nation’s lawmakers have approved a new law that will allow them to punish online media outlets for publishing fake news?


38. When is the International Women’s Day celebrated across world?


39. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 7, 2019 released the Dictionary on which of the following to highlight the India’s Freedom Struggle?


40. Which app has been launched by Union Urban Affairs Minister that digitilises the process of conversion of a property from leasehold to freehold?


41. The Supreme Court has approved to form mediation panel to resolve Ram Temple-Babri Masjid dispute case. The mediation proceedings are scheduled to take place in which city?


42. Thirty-six nations have signed an open letter criticizing which nation’s human rights record?


43. Ausaf Sayeed has been appointed as the new Indian Ambassador to which nation?


44. The Union Cabinet has approved a MoU on Cancer Research Initiative between India and which nation?


45. Kummanam Rajasekharan recently resigned as the Governor of which state?


46. When was National Immunisation Day 2019 observed in India?


47. Which organisation will carry out first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS)?


48. Which of the following personality attended the wedding of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta?


49. Which country was the largest importer of the weapons in the world during 2014- 18?


50. Google Doodle on March 12, 2019 celebrated 30 years of which invention?


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